We're an electric bicycle tour operator serving beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida.  Offering intimate guided group tours and custom private tours, we help visitors and locals explore the history and beauty of St. Petersburg in a unique and fun experience.  Bikers will enjoy a relaxing ride along the downtown waterfront and into eclectic neighborhoods to the north and south as they immerse themselves in the history and beauty of this awesome town.

Tour St Pete features electric motor technology, with bikes that are built for a comfortable ride. All tours start with a brief training session where you will learn how pedal-assist technology propels you further with less effort. Tour stops and tour length can be customized to each group’s skill level and interests.  At each stop, your guide will tell you about the natural and cultural history of St. Petersburg and assist you in getting the best photos possible!

With a personalized approach to exploring and fully experiencing St. Petersburg, we deliver an immersive and unique adventure that lets visitors experience this beautiful and historic city.  We immerse our guests in the real St. Pete.  

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